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What else geoDiscovery Tours does for you

Trekking in the high mountains is a very special hobby and it is often the case that neither friends nor partners share your fascination for these mountain hikes.

We also organize ‘partner tours’ which offer something for both, e.g. a trekking tour for you and at the same time a cultural tour (e.g. getting to know Nepal) for your partner. This means that you arrive together in Kathmandu, spend the first few days together, then separate to participate in two different tours, meeting again at the end of your trip for the return flight.

Would you like to hold your group meeting or conference in a special, unconventional location?

No problem, we can arrange suitable premises in Nepal and organize a teambuilding tour (a short trek), which will ensure an unforgettable experience and great memories for you and your team.

How about proposing to your partner in a very special place?

That’s something else we can arrange for you. Simply get in touch with us.

Do you have more time and want to extend your trip?

We offer travel extension options for each of our tours, whether it’s an additional trekking tour, a cultural tour, a safari, rafting or just a few more days in the cities. Simply ask us.

Isn’t the date you wish to go on a trip available on our website?  

Seeing as we specialise in trips around Nepal and Bhutan, we are very flexible with the dates for our trips, and this means everyone will be able to find the right dates for them.
Apart from a few of our camping trips in Nepal such as Upper Dolpo, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, Dhaulagiri and Siklis, all the other trips in Nepal and Ladakh we offer are for groups of two people and above. Upon request, we also plan private trips for just you, for your own group or your family.