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How it feels to be above the clouds, at above 5.000 m

I did not know it,
I had never experienced it before.

Could someone have prepared me,
described the feelings that would come over me, prepared me for this outburst of Emotion?

I am above the clouds, over 5,000 meters high (Gokyo Ri 5.357 m),
Far away from any civilization and noise.
I have arrived at silence, at peace!
Can hear the wind blowing softly, feel how softly he touches my skin and sings me a song of unknown sounds. Tasting sweetly on the tongue!

Have I ever experienced such a peaceful environment?
Was I ever filled with such bliss?


I breathe deeply from the sweet air and let myself be inspired by the first rays of the sun.

Could I fly if I only stretched out my arms?