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Nepal News

We were in Nepal from Mid – December to the beginning of January 2016 and are relieved to report that normality has returned to the country. Clear-up in Kathmandu has been done; the streets are filled with colorfully dressed people and smiling faces. The shops are ready and waiting for customers and the tourists.



All our tours, apart from Langtang, are taking place from March onwards. We would like to encourage you to trust the country again and to travel to Nepal. The country needs YOU, needs tourism. Your tour will contribute to the further development of this beautiful country.
Of course, it needs no reminder that Nepal is the trekking paradise for hikers & climbers and its sights, culture and values will gladden your heart and enrich your life. It offers a great way to travel, to clear your head and enable you to switch off from all the stress in your daily life!


Our tours to the Langtang area will start again from October 2016.

As far as the blockade on the borders to India is concerned, tourism has not been affected and our guests need not fear any inconvenience. Furthermore, both countries (Nepal and India) are already working on a solution to lift the blockade.