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Relocation of domestic flights to / from Lukla from Kathmandu to Ramechap

This spring, too, the flights to Lukla will take place from Ramechap. The reason is that the runway of the Nepal International Airport is being renovated. Since many flights from abroad are processed in the morning, the domestic flights have been temporarily moved to Ramechap / Mhaltali airport. Ramechap is around 4 hours’ drive from Kathmandu and the flight to Lukla takes around 18 minutes.
The return flights from Ramechap are also affected by the relocation. In order to make this change as pleasant as possible for you, we will drive you to Ramechap with private vehicles and not with the buses of the airlines.
The trekking time is not affected by the changeover, we just have to shorten the sightseeing tour that takes place on the second day of the trip.