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A résumé on Nepal, the Himalayas, the breathtaking landscapes…

A résumé on Nepal, the Himalayas, the breathtaking landscapes, unique impressions on every corner and hearty people could fill entire bookshelves.

Arrived in Kathmandu you immediately feel the flair of Asia – wild bustle on the streets, several side streets peppered with shops.
After a flight to Lukla, a hub for trekkers all over the world who want to explore the Himalayan region – the Solokhumbu – the worldview changes at the same time. The urban infrastructure gives way to paths and climbing. Trucks are replaced by Jaks. Delivery by Porter. Material transports above 2800m (Lukla) are almost exclusively carried out by humans and animals. As you approach the higher places, the unique mountain landscape of the Himalayas is increasingly coming to the fore. The snow-capped peaks of numerous well-known and unnamed peaks seem close enough to touch.
The abundance of unforgettable impressions, which can only be experienced through previously to be overcome trekking passages are numerous. With geoDiscovery Tours trained and well-trained guides and porters, the trekker can fully concentrate on the tour and enjoy the trek in its entirety. The coordination between agency, guides and participants is optimally guaranteed throughout.
For me, the trek with geoDiscovery Tours was a big, consistently positive, experience. This tour will be remembered for a long time and will provide material for numerous narratives.