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Everything was organized perfectly

I have to say that it was my first trip organized by travel agancy, in the past I’ve done everything by myself (and I’ve been in few places…: Marocco, Faroe Islands, Peru, Ukaraine, Myannmar, New Zealand…). However this time not knowing the place and mountains and although there is plenty of guides and information in the internet (plus the fact that I couldnt convince any of my to luxury loving friends to come along) I decided to go with experience agency.
Everything was organized perfectly the hotels in KTM were very good and of high standards which was very nice especially on the way back 🙂

The guides were very competent, helpful and maybe even too much caring (for somebody who is used to travel and do everything by him/herself it is not that usual and takes time to get use to, or maybe thats just me… I’m kind of a free and independent spirit). Also I can’t complain about the accomodation that was chosen on the way or any other point in this respect. You provided all neccessary information prior the arrival (including rout description) and if necessary everything was delivered and taken care off without any complaints or problems.

I can for sure recomend your services and I’m sure nobody will ever be let down with it. One just have to rememeber that these are not 5 stars holidays, but trekking in sometimes hard and cold conditions but also rewarding and mind-blowing surroundings and views. Monika

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