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We always felt safe, welcomed and hold like a guest and friend

Good Morning from Kathmandu Miss Kolay.🙏☀🙋Sitting in the plane waiting to start of to Dubai and then home to Germany. I want to use the time to write you our deepest thank you for this wonderful and beautiful vacation. 😍😍😍 Starting with the professional and hearty ❤Organisation of the journey from the booking beginning to the very end at the airport, we always felt safe, welcomed and holded like a guest and friend. 🙏 Not only your own personality always being open for help and questions all your working staff has been great.👏👏👏👍🤝 With Mingmar, Maite and Ashok we had the best team ever. Always professionel, helpful, polite,  pacience and funny we had the best time. Migmar is the best guide for women.😀He knows how to handle. You teached him very well.😌😉😄😎👍👏 Thank you very much again for everything. You and your team did a beautiful and high profesionell job. Highly recommened.
We wil be back.
The two Drama queens 😉😄and me.😍😘❤🙋🏻🙋🙋